A passion for Israeli art . There is no better way to define Yael Gahnassia’s work at Mayanot. When it comes to organizing exhibitions or publishing catalogues, this passion turns into a quest for quality, authenticity and shows an uncompromising respect for the work of the artists.

Yael Gahnassia exhibits increasingly rare works of early 20th century classicists such as Abel Pann in 1987, Ludwig Blum in 1988, Shmuel Charuvi in1990 and Zeev Raban in 1993 - Major exhibitions accompanied by important and beautiful catalogues

"The Pomegranate in Israel Art" 1991 - is a unique catalogue of the thematic exhibition focusing on the pomegranate motif.

Continuing her research on Jewish history, Yael also published in 1997 an exhibition catalogue of the famous Jewish Russian artist Meir Axelrod.

In 1999, following the exhibition “Homage to Jerusalem,” she published a catalogue of the contemporary Israeli artist Beni Gassenbauer.

In 2000, publication of Zvi Malnovitzer early period, a survey of his 1970-80’s works .

In 2004, Marek Yanai exhibition catalogue is a retrospective of his oils on canvas and watercolors.

In 2007, an exhibition and a catalogue of Zvi Malnovitzer works show the evolution of one of the leading contemporary Israeli artists.

All these catalogues published by Mayanot are to be found in most Jewish Art museums around the world as a reference and a testimony of Israeli art, from the rebirth of forgotten painters to the artists of our time, through the missing link with a Jewish world now disappeared.

Mayanot catalogues are standards in every art library and connoisseur's collection - for value, enjoyment and reference.


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